Exhibitor Listing

Exhibiting Companies for the 2016 Trade Show as of 2/10/16:

Company Booth # Business Type Description Website
Active Club Solutions 111 Wine, Beer, Distilling All-In-One Winery DTC Solution www.activeclubsolutions.com
AEB Biochemical - USA 133 Wine, Beer Winemaking, Beer and Cider Ingredients www.aebusa.com
Alcohol & Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau 56 Wine, Beer, Distilling Alcohol Tobacco Tax Trade Bureau www.ttb.gov
All American Containers 139 Wine, Beer, Distilling Wine, Spirits, Beer packaging enclosures www.allamericancontainers.com
Anton Paar USA 110 Wine, Beer, Distilling High-quality measuring and analysis instruments  www.anton-paar.com
Apptech Solutions 62 Wine, Beer, Distilling Packaged Water/Wastewater Treatment Systems www.apptech-solutions.com
ARS/SWASH Sanitizing Equipment 118 Wine, Beer, Distilling Cleaning & Sanitizing Equipment www.RELY-ARS.com
Arton Products 105 Wine, Beer, Distilling Tasting  room supplies and services www.artonproducts.com
AstraPouch 126 Wine, Beer Pouches, bag-in-box, wine dispense systems. www.astrapouch.com
Atlantic Custom Solutions 134 Wine, Beer, Distilling Custom Imprinted Drinkware & Promotional Products www.brandmybeverage.com
Bay Tech Label, Inc. 128 Wine, Beer Quality Beer & Wine Labels www.baytechlabel.com
BDI Machinery 130 Wine Complete source for Vineyard Machinery www.bdimachinery.net
BLANCO, Inc 37 Beer Full service label manufacturer www.blancolabels.com
Borra Vineyards 42 Wine Estate grown winegrapes, bulk wine www.borravineyards.com
Branded Brewsky 22 Wine, Beer, Distilling Family owned and operated Decorator www.brandedbrewsky.com
Brewcraft USA 94 Wine, Beer, Distilling Beer, Wine, and Distilling Supplier https://shop.brewcraftusa.com/
Brewery & Winery Insurance Program 82 Wine, Beer Specialized insurance, craft breweries,wineries www.brewandwineins.com
Brewery Pak & Winery Pak Insurance Programs 122 Wine, Beer, Distilling Customized insurance Breweries and Wineries www.brewerypak.com
Bruni Glass Packaging Inc 36 Wine, Beer, Distilling Innovative glass packaging for everyone www.bruniglass.com
BSG 79 Wine, Beer, Distilling Select ingredients for fermented beverages www.bsgcraft.com
Carolina Wine Supply 75 Wine, Beer, Distilling Local supplier for Craft beverages  www.carolinawinesupply.com
CDA USA 96  Wine, Beer, Distilling Manufacturing Labeling and Filling Machines www.cda-usa.com
Chrislan Ceramics 54 Wine, Beer, Distilling Tap handle manufacturer www.chrislanceramics.com
Chris's Stuff 35 Wine Wine Designed Merchandise www.chrisstuff.com
COLD SHOT CHILLERS 43 Wine We are a chiller manufacturer WWW.WATERCHILLERS.COM
Collinwood Grape Company 121 Wine Premium Grapr and Juice Supplier www.collinwoodgrape.com
Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine 30 Beer The Voice of Craft Brewing www.beerandbrewing.com
Craft Beverage Marketing 39 Wine, Beer, Distilling Craft Beverage Marketing & Consulting www.craftbevmarketing.com
Curtis 1000 67 Wine, Beer, Distilling Labels, Promotional Products & Marketing  www.curtis1000.com
Cutco Cutlery 31 Wine, Beer, Distilling Quality Cutlery and Kitchen Utencils www.cutco.com
Dex-O-Tex by Crossfield Products Corp. 137 Wine, Beer, Distilling Flooring and Wallcoating www.dex-o-tex.com
d'marie inc 123 Wine Wine Infused Specialty Food Products www.dmarieinc.com
East Coast Crush & Co-Pack 59 Wine Wine/Hard Cider www.crushandcopack.com
 ENOTOOLS 90 Wine Wine Grape Processing Equipment/Packaging www.enotools.com
Exhibit Warehouse 46 Wine, Beer, Distilling Unique beverage product displays www.exhibitwarehouse.com
F.Colavita & Son 136 Wine California grapes,juice and wine www.cawinegrapes.com
Flextank USA 109 Wine, Beer, Distilling Plastic tanks, Fermentors, Bins www.flextankusa.com
FMD Architects 24 Wine, Beer, Distilling Specializing in Breweries and Wineries.  www.fmdarchitects.com
G&D Chillers 73 Wine Chilling Systems www.gdchillers.com
G.A. Printing 66 Wine, Beer, Distilling Rack Cards, Brochures, Postcards www.gaprinting.com
GHT Insurance Services 125 Wine, Beer, Distilling Insurance Services Property & Casualty www.ghtinsurance.com
Hanna Instruments 95 Wine, Beer, Distilling Testing equipment for wine analysis www.hannainst.com
HBS Copper 117 Distilling Distilling Equipment Manufacturer www.HBSCopper.com
Hurst Boiler 138 Beer, Distilling Steam/Hot water Boiler Systems www.hurstboiler.com
Imada, Inc. 64 Wine, Beer, Distilling Wine Cork & Cap Tester www.imada.com
IRUNZERO 116 Wine, Beer Stickers & Magnets for Non-runners www.irunzero.com
Keystone Fermentation Supply 51 Wine, Beer, Distilling Barrel Racks, Barrels & Equipment www.keystonefermentationsupply.com
KYFI Incorporated 35A Wine, Beer, Distilling Full Service Freight Forwarder www.kyfi.com
LA GARDE 57 Wine, Beer, Distilling Best and Nicest Fermentation Tanks www.lagardeinox.com
Laffort USA 68 Wine, Beer Tannins, Enzymes, Yeasts, Nutrients Supplier www.laffortusa.com
Live Oak Bank 63 Wine, Beer, Distilling Financing for Craft Breweries www.liveoakbank.com/wcb
Logo Label Printing  132 Wine, Beer, Distilling Winery, distillery, brewery custom labels www.logolabelprinting.com
M&M Wine Grape Co. 60 Wine, Beer, Distilling Source - Create - Enjoy www.juicegrape.com
Manual Woodworkers Inc 28 Wine, Beer, Distilling  USA Made Home Decor/Custom www.manualww.com
Martin Robotics 40 Beer Counter Pressure Bottle Filling Machines www.martinrobotics.com
Microworks Technologies, Inc.   Wine, Beer, Distilling POS Systems, Direct Sales Software www.winesoftware.com
Mid-Atlantic Cross Flow 80 Wine Mobile Crossflow Filtration www.macrossflow.com
Miramont Estate Vineyards & Winery 78 Wine Bulk wine and Shiners www.miramontestate.com
Missouri State University / VESTA 92 Wine Online Grape and Wine Education www.vesta-usa.org
Mother Murphy's Laboratories 83 Wine, Beer, Distilling Flavor manufacturer serving alcohol industry  www.mothermurphys.com
MPI Label Systems 26 Wine, Beer, Distilling Labels Digital Flexo Specialty Equipment www.mpilabels.com
Multicell Packaging 58 Wine, Beer, Distilling Box Dividers / Partitions www.multicellpkg.com
Nadalie USA 77 Wine Barrel cooperage, oak add ins www.nadalie.com
NDL Keg 69 Beer Stainless steel containers for brewing  www.ndlkeg.com
Niagara Label Co. 115 Wine, Beer High Impact Labels  www.niagaralabel.com
O-I Packaging Solutions 129 Wine Manufacturer of Glass Bottles www.o-ipackagingsolutions.com
Optimum Filtration Company       45 Wine, Beer, Distilling Filters and Filtration Systems www.optimumfiltration.com
PAK-TEC, INC 27 Wine, Beer, Distilling Packaging: Adhesive, Labeling, Marking Technologies WWW.PAK-TEC.COM
PolyKeg 108 Wine, Beer, Distilling Single Use One-Way Multipurpose Kegs www.polykeg.com
Portocork 106 Wine, Beer, Distilling Natural Cork Closures www.portocork.com
Practical Business Solutions 44 Wine, Beer, Distilling Payments Technologies www.rupractical.com
Precision Label Inc. 52 Wine, Beer Custom Label Manufacture www.precisionlabelinc.com
Pro Chiller Systems, Inc. 127 Wine, Beer, Distilling Manufacturers of great chiller systems  www.prochiller.com
Reed Wax 76 Wine, Distilling Bottle Sealing Waxes, Barrel Grafting www.reedwax.com
Saxco International 65 Wine, Beer, Distilling Premium packaging solutions www.saxco.com
Scholle IPN 112 Wine, Distilling Flexible Packaging Supplier www.scholle.com
Scott Laboratories 21 Wine, Beer, Distilling Fermentation, Filtration, Packing and Equipment www.scottlab.com
Security Camera Warehouse 38 Distilling HD Security Camera Systems www.security-camera-warehouse.com/
SMT Brewery Solutions 49 Wine, Beer, Distilling Virginia Built Custom Brewhouses/Tanks www.smtbrews.com
Stanpac Ink 34 Wine Effective & Distinctive Packages www.stanpacnet.com
Swipely 93 Wine, Beer Cloud Technology for Restaurants + Bars www.swipely.com
TerrePURE Spirits / Terressentia 107 Distilling Distilled Spirits Manufacturer www.terrepurespirits.com
The Label Gallery Inc. 72 Wine Custom Labels for Wine Industry www.labelgallery.net
Tomlinson Industries 61 Wine, Beer, Distilling Faucets/taps for dispensing beverages www.tomlinsonind.com
Trilogy Essential Ingredients 53 Wine, Beer, Distilling Tomorrows Flavors Today www.trilogyei.com
TriStateDisributors 113 Wine, Beer, Distilling Distribution of equipment to dealers www.tristatedistributors.net
UPM Raflatac 124 Wine, Beer, Distilling Pressure sensitive label stock manufacturer www.upmraflatac.com
Valentin Thierion 74 Wine, Beer, Distilling Sparkling Beverage Machinery www.valentinthierion.com
Waterloo Container 71 Wine, Beer, Distilling Wine Bottles, corks & closures www.waterloocontainer.com
Western Square Industries 50 Wine, Beer, Distilling World's leading Barrel Rack Manufacturer. www.westernsquare.com
White Labs 41 Wine, Beer, Distilling Pure Liquid Yeast www.whitelabs.com
Wine America Insurance 32 Wine Public Policy Advocacy and Advancement www.wineamerica.org
Wright Global Graphics 120 Wine Wine Label Design www.wrightglobalgraphics.com
WS Packaging Group, Inc. 81 Wine, Beer, Distilling Packaging www.wspackaging.com
ZenanUSA 47 Wine, Beer, Distilling Beer, Wine, Spirits Glass Decorating www.zenanusa.com
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